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preventive measures to keep

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Pay attention to actions and impacts, not to whether one token individual has decided to throw their lot in with someone engaging in oppression. Hitler had a few Jews he liked. Misogynists usually have one or two women they say are “good” women, rare exceptions to the rule. I ordered a medium and it fit [...]

distortions about what happened

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The Sweet Almond Oil has a yellow tint. It is a 1 oz. Bottle so it could be taken on trips.. One of the guys ahead of him got a tattoo, which took about ten seconds. The other guy just wanted his skull gun reloaded, which didn’t take much longer. The girl wanted a few [...]

more than a fashion statement

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However, we can make a generalization and say that overall, when we’re talking about respect in regard to sexual choices, things like if a person has acted with care for themselves and others, has been true to themselves, has been responsible, etc. Are the kinds of things were real respect tends to be afforded or [...]

conform to a male oriented notion

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Disabled people are the other major targets of desexualization the privileged majority tends to leave these people out of the “sexual beings” category because of obsession with(and fear of) difference. There are way too many instances of jokes on TV about whether or not “the equipment downstairs” works for people who use wheelchairs. Ugh.. male [...]

displacements that threaten stability

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As far as mechanical functions I would like to say that I have dealt with metal bullets before this cock ring. And the performance was well below par. For starters when I put the batteries in the first bullet it DID NOT work. This toy would be very easy to travel with, the compact size [...]

asking what life feels like

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So why is this a train wreck? Because it has the same factors as every other educational reform we have trotted out in the last 20 years. We in the educational establishment are forced by politics and conflicting values to place emphasis on labels instead of standards. Unless the folks in DC School are able [...]

While it helps make cleanup

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It wasn’t fun, but we dealt with it and moved on. However, once I started taking birth control, that excuse was gone. If I wasn’t in the mood, I had no one to blame but myself.. I’m a Democrat life long Democrat and I admire Sarah Palin for her guts in fighting the establishment. But [...]

cisgender women with body

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The question I would have is whether this kid was crossing the road from a path through the woods or field and just didn’t see the car coming, or was he riding the bike strictly on the street. From the information in this story it’s not possible to tell. But my heart goes out to [...]

meant to and cannot substitute

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Sure we can get anxious. That part of what makes sports so great. We can grouse one minute about Kyle Lowry going to San Antonio when he should have been preparing in Cleveland and grouse about Freddie Andersen playing too much but that isn the kind of complaining that went on when John Ferguson ran [...]

said officers were dispatched

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It’s gotta be clean, baby! You must be able to thoroughly clean the item. The very best things are going to be things that you can boil to sanitize. If you can’t boil it, then you must be able to thoroughly wash it with soap and water in order to get it clean. Sometimes even [...]